Starting out

Now that I’m giving knitwear design a go it’s practically compulsory to start a blog also. Not that I’m unwilling; just a little tentative. As I am reminded watching my 10 month old daughter learning to walk: taking those first steps is scary…

but also necessary. In the case of this blog I feel I need somewhere to show everyone what I’m doing.

This is my first design:


New Design

New Design


Ignore the crochet cushion cover to the left, or take a little look as you wish, then pan right to the currently nameless new design. Baby dungarees/overalls. Apologies for the poor photo quality. I’m just so proud that I’ve nearly finished an actual pattern for a proper garment! My stitches are far from the neatest but I love the way the knee patches finish it off.

It might be some time before I get my notes into a proper pattern format. Said 10 month old daughter (the inspiration for the new design) is teething and her 3 year old sister is quite a handful too!


3 thoughts on “Starting out

  1. It looks very cosy ! I love the fact it’s so cute yet simple – the colour choice, the blue knee patches match the buttons so well… can’t wait to see more photos !
    Kateee x

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