Thank you Mummy…

…for navigating through the pattern notes in order to make these:

The trapping-baby-in-the-swing-for-photos technique again!

Now these do fit Mabel well. I’m aiming for a 6-12 month size garment so I have some working out to do with the gauge. I want to get the finished size somewhere between what I’ve knit and what my mum knit.

Don’t fall Mabel!

A view of the back of the Garment. I love the way the colours in the yarn mix differently in the stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch.

I’ll take some more pics when I’ve sewn the knee patches on…

…if I get the chance …she might be wearing these non-stop every day!

She just looks so cosy in them.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Mummy…

    • I can’t find the ball band info but I remember it’s mostly wool with a tiny bit of acrylic. It is really soft and lovely -nice and stretchy too. I did mine in cotton so it’s good to see a them in a different yarn choice.

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