I Love Cardigans!

When I set up this blog I thought it would be a fun way to clear my head and focus better as I’m working on designs -sort of like a diary of ideas. But I’m finding that lots of the designing process shouldn’t really be discussed online in case I want to submit the design to magazines -and they, understandably, tend to like totally new designs that haven’t been seen anywhere yet.

So I have been working on ideas but I’ll have to do my best to keep them quiet!

And now for something totally unrelated (of course!)…

… don’t you just love cardigans? Is it just me? Lately I’m practically obsessed, in particular with V-neck cardigans. I wear at least one almost every single day! I’m knitting one (my first ever actually) for my mum.

Bellini Long Cardigan by Sarah Hatton

At first I thought it was going to be for me but as I’m working on it I feel that it would really suit my mum and she always knits me the most beautiful things. Including the awsome Vivian cardigan by Ysolda Teague.

Vivian by Ysolda Teague

Cardigans in general are brilliant. I like the way that they open and close. That sounds very silly I know but it’s true! They’re quick and easy to put on and take off . Great for easily adjusting to temperature changes. You can cool off your torso while still keeping your arms and back covered. You can slip them on and off in public without  getting in an undignified tangle or messing your hair. Fantastic for breastfeeding mothers too. I like V-neck cardigans because they have a neat line whether they are worn open or closed.

I know many knitters are keen on shawls or socks or dishclothes -I think for me it’s cardigans!


2 thoughts on “I Love Cardigans!

  1. I am starting my first cardigan this spring too. I love them for this in-between weather. The cardigan’s actually a pattern designed for knitters, but I’m taking a crochet pattern I found and am going to mess with it to see if I can get the same look.

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