Intrepid Fox Assembly

So you’ve knit, stuffed and sewn each Intrepid Fox component…

You should have:

  • An Intrepid Fox head
  • Two ears
  • Two buttons (or alternative) for eyes
  • Dark coloured yarn for the whiskers and nose
  • A body
  • Four legs
  • A tail
  • Main colour yarn
  • Yarn needle

as well as the written Intrepid Fox pattern -for more detailed written instructions.

Attach the legs to the outside edge of the body.

Attach the tail the top of the body centrally just over 1cm (0.5”) higher than the legs.

Attach eyes, ears and nose.

To position the eyes find the four increases along either side of the three central stitches.These should be visible as small ‘bars’ of yarn across the bottom of the stitch that has been increased. Position the centre of the buttons four stitches away towards the outside of the head from middle of the line of increases.

Attach the head to the body in between the front two legs.

I hope these photos help all the visual minded knitters like me!


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