Mistake mock cable

While trying to knit a 2 stitch mock cable feature for a new design I got confused and ended up working a stitch that I’ve not been able to identify.

My initial attempt at mock cable (left) mock cable as should look (right)

I tried to knit the mock cable stitch by following the directions in a stitch directory. I knew something was wrong because it didn’t look anything like the photograph! However the directions were a bit vague and I couldn’t make better sense of them. I also liked the result.

Over a panel of 6 stitches (P2, K2, P2) this is what I did on the cable row:

demonstration on an area of stocking stitch

Insert needle into front of second unworked stitch and pull it in front of the first stitch

Knit into this stitch without dropping the stitch from the left needle

Insert needle through both stitches on the left needle

...and knit them together

The finished twisted stitches on the right needle

I completed the garment using the mistake mock cable. I can share more photos soon as the pattern is nearly ready. If anyone can identify the stitch I used please let me know!


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