Luxury Yarn Yum Yum

When buying yarn I always used to prioritize washability. I don’t like handwashing. I have grubby children and some rather lazy habits myself.

I almost thought that the soft luxury yarns were too good for me. Sigh! But, seriously, I don’t mean that in a ‘low self esteem’ way. I just thought that cashmere and silk, baby alpaca and the softest merino belonged in show homes with fancy pristine inhabitants i.e. not for the likes of me!

I now think that that attitude is completely ridiculous! Luxury yarns are delicious. They will not disintegrate if a speck of dust lands on them. Handwashing isn’t much of a problem because the items I knit don’t need washing so often. I shall knit with cashmere more often and knit more treasures for me!

A post about luxury yarns with no photos must be disappointing but my camera’s pretty rubbish so I’ll direct you to the Skein Queen. Lately I like looking at this page, where I want to try every yarny fiber there!


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