BomBella Knit Kits and the Intrepid Fox

I’m very pleased and excited to announce the opening of a brand new Etsy shop and it’s one item for the sale, the Intrepid Fox Knit Kit!

This will hopefully be the first of more knit kits to come. I’m aiming to produce high quality knit kits for experienced (or brave beginner) knitters –a complete treat for knitters.

About the Intrepid Fox Knit Kit

Every part of the kit has been carefully considered (by that I mean endlessly dithered over!) Yarn is of prime importance, so the Intrepid Fox kit uses gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Skein Queen in lovely foxy fun colours. The stuffing is 100% lambswool. The eyes are tiny mother of pearl buttons. All of the printing and packaging is fully recycled and recyclable, something that I personally am very happy with.

I’ll be blogging more about the kits soon, but for now you can read more in the shop!


One thought on “BomBella Knit Kits and the Intrepid Fox

  1. Well done, it’s great to see the kits all put together! (Well I bet it feels even better for you 😉
    I absolutely love the colors of Skein Queen yarns that are included. They go perfectly well together, and very foxy indeed.

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