Marvelous Aunt Elsie!

I had a great time at Aunt Elsie’s Christmas Do! It was a kind of crafty arty party with stalls of lovely handmade items to buy and food, drink and fun in the evening. I shared a stall with my mum Novasteel, selling her shawl pins and my Intrepid Fox knit kits.

We were right in between Skein Queen and Fyberspate‘s stalls, which meant that we were surrounded by temptation! And browsing around the other stalls, I found temptation everywhere I looked! I got my mum some yarn from Skein Queen, my mum got me some yarn from Fyberspates, and some beautiful ceramics from Lauren Denny. Lucky Mabel will have an adorable Jules Hogan creation on Christmas day and both of my girls were treated to some hair clips (that I’m sure to borrow!) by half&half. Other favorites of mine were patchworkbutterflyAnne Wilson who does some wonderful Christmas cards, and Jo Quinn‘s beautiful illustrations and prints. And of course I’m a massive fan of Suzanne‘s mitts, having knit two of her designs myself (so far!)

Now I’ve provided you with all the links you need for your Christmas shopping!


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