Wonderful Unravel

Not last weekend but the one before I joined many knitter/fibery friends at Unravel, a truly lovely event at Farnham Maltings. This was my first year attending and I was lucky to get a lift on the Sunday with my friend Nicky.

I went to a yarn dyeing workshop ran by tallyarns and I bought some of their undyed yarn and a pot of dye to try at home. If you’ve never tried dyeing before I recommend having a look at their website. The workshop was a great experience and dyeing yarn myself was exciting and rewarding and much easier than I thought it would be. I’m now very jealous of the knitters attending the Skein Queen yarn dyeing retreat in France (like I wasn’t already jealous!)

I was really proud of my 3 hand dyed mini skeins that I made on the workshop but when I looked around the professional dyers stalls I saw how much proper experience shows in the kind of colours and affects they achieve.

I had a shopping list from my mum and had a good look around the Skein Queen and Fyberspates stalls for her purchases. She’s pleased now that my sister Evie has delivered them back to France for her. My mum also kindly added a budget for my birthday treat to the shopping list! There was so much choice that I nearly got too overwhelmed to make a decision but in the end I settled on two beautiful skeins from Nimu and Easy Knits, both very talented dyers that I’ve been wanting to try out.

As well as enjoying the workshops and and the shopping I enjoyed simply meeting up with friends and having a lovely time in a wonderful place -what a fantastic day out!


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