Bunty Mitts -fun with colour!

I was always looking forward to the release of my Bunty Mitts design in Knit Now magazine because I was so happy with how they turned out. They’re a a really fun, quirky knit with an eye catching retro print.

I didn’t anticipate being on the cover of the magazine -it was a fantastic surprise. I was stupidly delighted and even my non-knitting facebook friends were kind and encouraging when I had to show off the photo on my profile.

I doubt the non knitting friends would ‘get’ my added excitement at the mitts being shown alongside Wooly Wormhead‘s gorgeous new hat design!

As if this wasn’t all wonderful enough the lovely Skein Queen has been dying up exclusive Bunty mits yarn kits. As well as the original Chestnut and Carotene colour there are options to purchase the yarn kits in Moss and Cranberry and Pewter and Teal -so much fun with colour! There’s currently a competition at the Knit Now Ravelry group page to find a fourth kit colour option. I can’t wait to see how these combinations knit up!


5 thoughts on “Bunty Mitts -fun with colour!

  1. I recently ordered the original colours from skein queen and can not wait to own a pair of these lovelies. They gave such a super mario esc style to them that even my boyfriend was like ‘do they come in giant man hand size’ 🙂 I told him to wait his turn! I will blog about this knit when I have done them (some time next week I hope) x

  2. Hi there, Bombella! I was busy knitting your Highbury Vest while surfing the web (yes I’m a great multi-tasker) when I stumbled upon your Bunty Mitts and oh my! I looove them! Any chance they will be available on Ravelry at some point in the future? I’m not sure where I could get Knit Now in Germany…

    • Thank you so much, I’m pleased you like them! The pattern rights return to me 4 months after publication so I’m expecting to be able to make the pattern available in August, just in time for autumn knitting! I’m so also hoping that I’ll be able to sell yarn kits to go with the pattern. If you wanted the pattern sooner it might be worth having a look on the Knit Now forum to see if anyone has a copy they’d like to sell you -just an idea!

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