Bunty Mitt Yarn Kits

Most knitters worry about running out of yarn before the completion of their project. I often hear the concern and I suffer it myself, usually irrationally.

You can imagine how awful I felt when I heard that a knitter had ran out of the stem coloured yarn from her Bunty Mitts yarn kit just a few rows before completing that part of her final mitt. Being the one responsible for the yardage calculations, I feel entirely responsible for any knitter who bought a kit running out of yarn. And so now I’m now suffering yarn-shortage-anxiety on behalf of every knitter who bought a kit.

In the Knit Now Magazine forum on Ravelry I posted some tips on what to do when yarn shortage might be a problem for completing the Bunty Mitts design (I’ve copied the post below). I’ve now thought of another idea that might be helpful. This is a slightly more fiddly way of knitting the pattern that should eliminate any kind of yarn shortage woes.

  • Using the provisional cast on method and the main colour yarn cast on 58 stitches. There is a fantastic tutorial for provisional cast ons at Knitty here. It’s one of those techniques that, once you get the hang of it, is really easy and useful.
  • Bypassing the instructions for the cuff, knit the hand from the chart.
  • Do the same for the second mitt.
  • Now weigh the remaining stem colour yarn and split into two equal amounts for each cuff.
  • Pick up the live stitches and unpick the one row of MC.
  • Work the corrugated rib cuffs until you run out of yarn.

This way both cuffs should be an equal length and there is absolutely no risk of running out of yarn.

There’s also the simpler option of knitting the cuff slightly shorter. I’m going to try out a 4cm cuff when I cast on my Bunty Mitt kit. I can’t wait to try out the different colour combination.

My post from the Knit Now Magazine forum on Ravelry:

We have had feedback from one knitter that the stem coloured yarn from her Bunty Mitt kit ran out a few rows before the end of completing the second mitt. We hope that this is just a one-off but thought it only fair to let everyone know and also to hopefully get some feedback from other knitters as they finish their mitts.

We did calculate the amount of yarn needed as carefully as we could and I know that skeinqueen added a healthy extra quantity to the weights that I gave her. For most knitters there should be enough yarn to complete both mitts.

I’ve put together a few suggestions for if knitters are worried about running out of yarn:

  • please unravel and reuse yarn from swatches
  • try not to leave very long ends with the stem colour
  • don’t carry the stem colour behind the flower colour when knitting those parts
  • it’s possible to make the cuffs slightly shorter

If anyone has already knit the first mitt, it might be a good idea to weigh the remaining yarn to check that there is half or more left for the second mitt.

I do hope that no one else experiences this problem and apologise for any inconvenience.


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