Love In Every Stitch and Jubilee Fun

Love In Every Stitch

Like sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream …a knickerbokerglory with a cherry on top …one too many toasted marshmallows

…my new design is almost sickly sweet -and I love it!

It’s a cute and simple knit with a retro feel; the bold colour block shapes and short A-line mini dress style is reminiscent of 60’s styles. Love In Every Stitch is now available on Ravelry.

A knitted Jubilee Celebration

In other news I knit the Queen of England for a special knitted Jubilee display at Reading museum.

Queen Elizabeth in her Jubilee outfit

The finished display is really lovely with lots of knitted and crocheted contributions from my knitting friends, the outcasts. Fellow outcast, the talented Joyuna has some more photos of the display on her flickr stream here.

Knit Now Jubilee Issue

Intrepid Fox and Tawny Owl are in the current Knit Now magazine Issue 9, the Jubilee Best of British issue!

The Intrepid Fox pattern is in the supplement and there’s a feature on the Tawny Owl kits in the main magazine.

I was extra pleased when I saw that they used photos of my daughters modelling the toys! There’s Bonnie with Tawny Owl and Mabel with Intrepid Fox. Both are going through a phase of loving my knitting -which makes using them as models much easier!


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