New Baby (and New Pattern)

Baby Erik has arrived! 

Here he is having a cuddle all wrapped up in his Sirdar Snowflake blanket.

I love this yarn, even if it is plastic! Each of my babies has a blanket knit from this yarn -it’s so soft and hard wearing.

Everything went well and all is good!

I’ll share more photos soon of his beautiful knitwear -he has been a lucky boy with knitted gifts (including this gorgeous cardigan from Skein Queen). And my mum’s visiting with more knitting soon!

Foraging Vest

This is my new design for children in Knit Now issue 11.


The photos for the magazine (courtesy of Tim Bradley for Practical Publishing) came out perfect -I’m so happy with them!

The design is for ages 4-10 years. When a knitting Foraging Vest I recommend measuring your intended recipient’s chest size as it’s designed to fit quite snugly across the chest. If you find that you need to work a larger chest size simply knit the next size up and knit the bottom part shorter. Easy peasy!


3 thoughts on “New Baby (and New Pattern)

    • The pattern is currently only available in Knit Now magazine but I will release it on Ravelry early next year -and I’m planning adult sizes too! Thank you for your interest in the design.

  1. HI, I just found your pattern on ravelry and really like the look of it. Did you ever release the pattern? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

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