new colours, more colours

New colours

You may have noticed that Intrepid Fox kits been out of stock for quite a little while. They will be back soon! We’ve tweaked the colours slightly, replacing the yellow in the Lucky Ducky variegated skein with a lime colour. I hope you love the results as much as I do!


The current batch of Foxy Loxy orange colour yarn has come out a beautiful burnt orange. Some of the skeins are a slightly brownish autumnal orange.


These will make some lovely foxies!

Now we have the yarn back in stock I just need to get the pattern booklets reprinted. (Hopefully with a new BomBella logo that I am very excited about!)

More colours

The  Bunty Mitts knit kits are now available in another colour combination: Plumberry and Stem Green. This is a gorgeous deep plum colour and a perfect vibrant green. The new colour Bunty Mitts knit kits are now available from my Etsy shop.

bunty mitts yarn


I just love hand dyed yarn and Skein Queen has amazing colour skills.

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