I’m an illustrator!

Or at least I want to be an illustrator. So of course I was super excited when Knit Edge magazine asked to use one of my Boys’ Knits illustrations for their fantastic magazine! I offered to redraw the ‘Dino Cool’ picture for the magazine, which was kind of terrifying! Usually my rule for blog illustrations is to draw quickly and once only, no over-thinking, dithering, refining or redrawing. Otherwise I’d never get it done! But I did attempt a more polished version of ‘Dino Cool’ and they did use it for the article, where it accompanied a brilliant interview with Katya Frankel and Joeli Caparco.

I have previously had my illustrations used for a project with my knit group, the outcasts in Reworking the Old and the New. I’ve done a few illustrated posts on the outcasts blog:

Rejection of the knitting is not rejection of the knitter 

I am knitting a gift

I actually really do love my swift

As you can see, these are all adhere to the draw quickly and once only rule! I like to pretend the scruffy unfinished look is charming, and in some ways I think it is, but I’d also like to practice slightly more polished illustrations. I have lots to learn!

One of my main struggles at the moment is trying to decide which is best, scanning hand finished drawing or attempting to master the scary tablet hi tech drawing pad thingy.

Here is an illustration from the Intrepid Fox assembly instructions, hand drawn and scanned:


And here is Tawny Owl drawn on the tablet:

owl head

To me the hand drawn image is smoother and more characterful. However, the tablet has other benefits. One being the pure white background rather than yellowy scanned paper colour. I’d love to see how other illustrators work to get the results that they want.

I need to research and practice techniques and skills and ‘find myself’ as an illustrator. To motivate myself I’ll be sharing lots more sketches here on my blog.


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