Swinging 60s Style

The new issue of Knit Now is out now! It contains not only my confessions of a love for the 60s/70s hippie fashion (gotta love flares!) but also two new designs from me. These photos are from Practical Publishing.

Lady Penelope

penelopeThis mini dress is a lot more practical than you’d think. A small child in white is not something I’d usually do, but this yarn, Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply, washes very well. This style of tunic dress lasts for ages too, as it can be worn with leggings as your girl grows.



I love the way they’ve styled Cilla, partly because I love the model’s haircolour! The design is not complicated or even a very original concept (tube scarf with pompom ends) but I think it works really well. The idea was based on a doll I love, she’s very old and tatty but still beautiful. Her pompom scarf is actually a stocking cap style hat. I thought a scarf version might be a more wearable option these days!



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