I have a new logo for the BomBella knit kits. It’s a bit like the old logo but made proper by a professional designer; multi-talented fellow outcast Pat. She was amazingly patient and kind as I explained that I would like the logo to pretty much be traced from my writing. It’s not neat and ‘perfect’ and that makes it all the more ‘me’!


I still have the scrap of paper from when I first worked out the idea for the logo. I knew I wanted to do something with the ‘b’s.


I tried lowercase ‘b’s as cherries. A cute idea, but it didn’t work.

The butterfly wing capital ‘B’s seemed more promising so I kept experimenting with that.

I think my eureka moment was when I realised that the ‘k’s from the words knit kits could be incorporated into the design. Then the dots from the ‘i’s gave the final flourish and I was chuffed!

Sometimes I’m asked; why ‘BomBella’?

And I say; because, Ella Bom Bella Stickle Lella Fi Fella, Stickle Lella Fi Fella, that’s how you spell Ella.

Which doesn’t really explain things any further! It’s just a child’s rhyming song that we used to apply to any name. I haven’t come across anyone else who used to play the same name rhyming song. I think that if it was local to anywhere then it would be St Ives, Cornwall because (if I remember correctly) it came from the children we played with there.

I haven’t yet been asked; why a butterfly? But I can see how that would be a valid question. Surely a fox or an owl would be more apt as my little mascot?

But… if I was asked; why a butterfly? I would say; just wait a little while, you’ll see!


7 thoughts on “Logo

  1. A similar rhyming game in the US goes like this: Ella bo-bella, banana fanna fo-fella, mee my mo-mella, Ella!

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes on the logo, it’s really interesting.

  2. I recognise Joyuna’s version. My sister is called Anna, so it works really well with her name too. Thank you for telling the story, I love hearing about where people’s ideas come from.

  3. … was great to work with you. I’m very glad you explained your design process so well here.

    (not sure why my comment split in to two parts)

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