Eeek, Cast On


Eeek, Cast On, not an exciting new cast on method but the title of my latest attempt at illustration. I’ve got lots of ideas for short knit-related comic-style scenes doodled in my notepads. An online chat about the ‘keep calm’ range of posters inspired me to finish this one off. Hopefully there are other knitters out there who can relate to the relaxing benefits of knitting in the midst of chaos. Knitting’s just so much more fun than dealing with mess!

2 thoughts on “Eeek, Cast On

  1. That’s great, although I think I’m a bit weird in that I need a clear space to be creative in. Of course, the danger with that is that I often feel too tired to bother with very much once the clearing up has been done. This is why I always need a nice little brainless project on the go at any time.

    • I know what you mean, sometimes I need space to create. But often I like to just escape from the mess by focussing on something more enjoyable -and knitting still feels productive!

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