Ella in la la land


I drew a new sketch today! I’ve been updating the blog and keep wondering how to present myself in the ‘about’ page. When I showed my husband this picture he smiled and said, ‘yeah, that’s you!’ I think so visually that it seems easier to show you rather than explain in just words.

The sketch shows that my days are mostly spent being a mother to my three young children, but all the while I’m imagining designs and ideas. I describe it as my own brand of la la land; a cross between a designers notebook and an autobiographical comic book. Walking to and from school, chopping vegetables, rocking baby to sleep -for me these activities are accompanied by a wander around la la land. When I get quiet moments through the day I jot down notes and sometimes I work on them until they become actual finished things!

My children are an obstacle to getting more creative work done but also a massive inspiration!


2 thoughts on “Ella in la la land

  1. Love this! I particularly identify with ‘that puddle looks like the shape of a snout. mummy what’s a snout’, we get a lot of this. Looks like you’re doing a good job of the juggling anyway. Most days I’m lucky to call my three by the right names.

    • I thought it was so cute when she said that about the snout puddle! I get the kids’ names mixed up as well, worse still sometimes the dog’s name gets muddled in there too!

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