Blog.Hatopia.Front.CoverI bought Woolly Wormhead’s gorgeous hat collection, Hatopia, as soon it was released. I’ve never knit a Woolly Wormhead hat before and I know I must! It’s pretty much essential for every knitter.


I honestly thought I would’ve cast one on by now. I’m on the brink of casting on Rubbish Mojitos. I’m thinking of trying it in Skein Queen Enchant. But I really love Castiel too. I’ve got some balls Rowan Felted Tweed that might work nicely for it. Decisions, decisions! I’m quite enjoying the indecision! Hatopia is a gorgeous collection of 10 hats -they are different shapes and styles, use different yarn weights and different techniques. All beautiful and tempting. The eBook costs a bargainous £9 -that’s for all 10 gorgeous patterns and it’s raising money for a good cause.

In equal measures I bought this book for the hat patterns and because I want to support the cause. I think that many of us have followed the story of Mutonia, an important artistic community under threat. I worry that some people might be seeing the story without really reading about it, and that they may think that it’s ‘nothing to do with them’, or that they would ‘rather not get involved’. Just to make it clear, there is no grey area. Mutonia has the full support of their community, the local council and recognition from arts organisations. One individual is making things difficult and choosing to bring the people living/working/creating there into expensive eviction battles.

Woolly Wormhead is such an inspiration to me. I admire the way she lives and I don’t want the people of Mutonia or their families to lose their homes. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to visit the sculptures or just to be inspired by the lifestyle. I loved reading Susan Crawford’s blog post about Mutonia and seeing the photos from her visit.

The Hatopia eBook is a limited edition available until the end of August -so get yours now! You can read more about the collection, read more about Mutonia, find out more ways to help and see a regularly updated tally of the amounts raised on Woolly Wormhead’s blog.

I hope that the Hatopia collection makes a difference for Mutonia, and that the expensive appeals processes are successful.

And I’m really looking forward to casting on a Woolly Wormhead hat!


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