I’ve added a new page to my blog: Sketchbook, inspired by my son who is learning to walk. My very first blog post mentions watching Mabel (my second daughter) learning to walk. I was just starting to design knits and the point was that learning and stretching yourself is scary. The look of concern on a baby’s face as they wobble along on their little legs is quickly followed by pride and glee as they reach their destination. It really is inspiring!

I don’t have the time or money to go to art school at this stage in my life so I’ll have to be self taught. I’ll add photos of my sketchbook every now and then, hoping to improve and with the dream that it will lead to one day being a successful illustrator.

I’ve added the first sketches as collages and I’ll tell you a bit about them here.

PicMonkey Collage

These sketches were done at a drawing workshop with Suzanne. We experimented with materials and then designed a wedding cake. I used elements from my knitting designs for the marriage of Intrepid Fox and Tawny Owl.

PicMonkey Collage4

Here you can see I’ve been sketching butterflies inspired by my Oh My Butterfly design.

PicMonkey Collage2

Here is the illustration of the contents of my brain in the context of my mothering life! You can see where the girls have sabotaged some of my sketchbook. I was really enjoying the negative space of the sage I drew as I added colour to the background -then Mabel started colouring in the sage. If only our collaborations were like the Busy Mockingbird‘s art. I do love drawing with my girls though -I get very enthusiastic about their art!

PicMonkey Collage3

Here are some observational sketches. Top left is Erik breastfeeding, crawling and sleeping. You can see there is a few months between the pictures but I kept going back to the same page. Top right was a fun project I did to keep the girls busy. We’ve got three different apples from the garden and all drew them. Bottom is a picture I drew of Bonnie as she was drawing. Obviously she was not keeping still and that was part of the fun! I was giggling as I drew and kept making her giggle too when I showed her the drawing.


I missed this one off the collages. These were drawn from patterns on Bonnie’s old dresses and a magazine next to my bed.

So you see my art is currently inspired by a mixture of my knitting, my children, patterns and print and little bit of nature. I do love life drawing too. And comic books! I hope this is the start of sharing more art on my blog.

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