A Rainbow-y Day

I’ve had a very rainbow-y day today!

On the school run this morning we saw a huuuuuuge bright gorgeous rainbow (just a single one) that filled the sky.

Knowing that today is the start of the winter olympics in Russia where there are LGBT human rights issues, and that rainbows are a wonderful celebration of gay pride and inclusiveness, of course I wished I had a camera on me! Then I could share the joy with my social networks and post a captioned photo how apt, a gorgeous rainbow! But of course my phone doesn’t have a camera, and I always forget to take my phone out with me anyway, and I rarely have an actual camera on me. So the opportunity was missed.

At home I enjoyed google’s rainbow homepage and read of knitters’ rainbow themed knitting. The internet seemed charged with rainbow joy and positive activism.

Then on the way home from the second school run of the day it was both rainy and sunny. So I eagerly searched the sky until I saw a lovely glistening glimpse of a rainbow right over the sea. It was just a partial rainbow but every bit as lovely as the full one. Of course I didn’t have any photo-taking tool on me (again!) So I drew you a picture to show you.

Image (14)

Maybe it wasn’t quite as bright as that! But it was a fraction of a rainbow dipping into the sea.

I love rainbows, as a gay pride symbol, as a symbol of inclusiveness, hope and love. I’m never really fussed about the olympics but I will be enjoying the rainbows and I hope that the awareness helps the cause.

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