Shaldon Poncho

My latest design is Shaldon Poncho. A light weight summery poncho, absolutely ideal for keeping a slight chill off your shoulders without feeling too wrapped up.

PicMonkey Collage

I designed this one at the specific request of my mum who wanted to knit a summery poncho with her favourite yarn, Skein Queen Delectable. We looked at poncho designs together but couldn’t find anything just right. This poncho is a unique shape with shoulder increases as well as the increases forming the points at the front and back. This means that the upper arms are covered more and the front and back points are softened.

My mum knit the first sample from my Skyped instructions and we were so pleased with the result. My teenage sisters immediately wanted one each! I myself was surprised that I liked it so much! It’s really comfortable to wear (stays put better than a shawl) and looks clean and modern but still elegant and flattering -lots of drape! I can see myself designing more ponchos.

Shaldon Poncho is named after the pretty Devonshire village in the background of the photos.


2 thoughts on “Shaldon Poncho

  1. This is possibly the first poncho I’d ever wear! I usually think “lurid Mexican chunky woven” thing when I hear poncho, but this is really gorgeously modern and classy – and flattering for any shape, I reckon! Funnily enough, I happen to have a skein of Delectable, dyed in some lovely lady’s barn in the Lot et Garonne region a couple of years ago 😉

    • Thank you, I’m so pleased you like it! I agree that it would suit anyone -it’s easy to increase the size as it’s knit top down so you could just keep knitting until you run out of yarn! I just had a look at that skein on Raveley -very pretty!

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