A Stranded Colourwork Sketch

A while ago I interviewed Felicity Ford about her exciting kickstarter project for the KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook. The project was a great success and so is Felicity’s book! book_cover I was so excited to get my copy -it’s one of those books that will always be a joy to explore. Being a friend and having been a neighbour (ish) of Felix does make the book an extra bit special to me. I’ve met EDDIE (Felix’s sound recording device) and I know the beautiful Reading brickwork well, having walked the same streets for the daily school runs to Katesgrove school. But even without the personal attachment, speaking objectively, there is so much to love about this book! I recommend checking out Ysolda’s review (and Felix’s guest post) over on Ysolda Teague’s blog, one of many thorough and excellent reviews. I don’t have much more to add to what’s already been said (and said so well) by other bloggers so I’ll just share a few of my favourite things about the book and then show you the knitted sketch swatch that I knit earlier. The enthusiasm of the author – is positively contagious. Felix is Pollyanna in the best possible way, she is the champion of everything, noticing beautiful things in every detail. It’s lovely! The skill of the production team – have made the book a delight to behold. The photos are brilliant. The layout is perfect. All the details having been done so well make this book look and feel just right. The treatment of knitting as art – is wonderfully inspiring. Felix uses knitted stitches just as an artist uses pencil drawn lines or painted colours to really study a subject. She emphasises the important point that the more you study, the more you see. The cake! – I want to eat the cake! A recipe is included in the book. (Which I would like to pass on to someone who will bake me the cake so that I can eat it!) Even the cake swatch looks edible. I shouldn’t confess this but I do sniff the double page spread photo of the cake swatch and imagine that I can smell it! I haven’t had time to get as fully engrossed as I would like to with putting Felix’s system into practice, but I have had a little go. the system Inspiration I had loads of ideas for a subject and did want to explore an aspect of my new home town, Dawlish. However I thought it best to settle on an object to start with and I chose my wedding hat. - It’s kind of a fascinator hairpiece type thing that my mum bought for me direct from the milliner at a market in Paris. I love it but have only worn it once! Palette  019 Luckily I had some Jamieson & Smith 2ply jumper weight left over from other projects that matched well. Ideally I’d like to match up more colours, including a darker green and a darker bronze. Pattern and Shading Next time I would want to spend more time sketching for this part to really explore the subject. I simply went straight into Excel, as I often do when I design colourwork, and played about to make a chart. hat chart I used some of the more simple shapes from my inspiration to make a very simple chart with a stitch width of only 4 stitches. Swatching 008 I knit a tiny swatch and knit it flat. Really I need to learn better techniques, to knit two-handed and to steek. The technical details are well covered in the book so I will come back to these sections to learn better. (I love the small part on Yarn Dominance, something I never really gave much though to before!) Review Along the way I’ve covered some of the things I need to work on to improve my swatch, more colours, more sketching etc. I would like to think about scale and make some charts with a larger stitch width. However I do love my little swatch and ideally I’d like to knit myself a hat inspired by it. So in summary this book is wonderful and I think that any art loving knitter would cherish it. An absolutely perfect Christmas present I think! You can buy it here.


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