Fireside Throw and Queenly Mitts

I have two designs in the new Knit Now magazine, issue 43.

The Fireside Throw is a relaxing knit -all in old shale stitch. Big yarn, chunky needles; it’s a recipe for cosy! The yarn is Wendy Serenity Super Chunky and I loved using it. It’s 70% acrylic so it should wear well -ideal for sofa use and frequent washes (this is important in my house of sticky children!) The other content is 20% alpaca and 10% wool; warm, soft and cosy -I think the mix works perfectly for this sort of knit.


The colours I chose are inspired by fireplaces, wood, coal, fire. An attempt to further increase the warm and cosy feel of the throw!

The second design is Queenly Mitts.


I’m so pleased with how these turned out. They were originally designed with a fairy tale theme in mind. The colours and style remind me of Queen Elizabeth the 1st’s gowns. I love how theatrical they look and you’d never find anything like them in the shops! I think they’re very wearable though and could see them working well dressed up or down. I quite fancy wearing them with my brown corduroy jacket.

They’re deceptively straight forward to knit as the main pattern is simply columns of stranded stripes that are embroidered to form a smocked stitch. This makes them warm to wear, but also not as stretchy as most mitts, so it’s worth checking gauge and choosing the right size.

The beautiful yarn I used for these is Skein Queen’s Blush 80% merino, 20% cashmere -it is wonderful to knit with and to wear. There are yarn packs available for this design in the Skein Queen shop. The Vintage Gold colour is amazing -I wish Debbie could dye my hair that colour!

You can see more about the designs on Ravelry. Fireside Throw Queenly Mitts


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