Fox and Owl kits restocked

I’ve restocked the Etsy shop with Intrepid Fox and Tawny Owl kits.

It’s taken me a while because I’ve changed the contrast colour for the Intrepid Fox kits. In place of Lucky Ducky, the variegated skein of olive, lime, and sky blue, we now have Fallen Sky, tonal variations of blue/green teal and olive. It’s a beautiful colour, so hard to capture in a photograph. It looks more blueish sat here on my desk compared with the photo below.


I have not knit an Intrepid Fox sample in the new colours yet but I thought I should get the kits back in stock anyway as I have a few customers waiting to buy. You can see a fantastic variety of colourful foxes on the Intrepid Fox project page on Ravelry. Looking through these projects is what inspired me to go for the new contrast colour. Thank you so much to Debbie Skein Queen who is always so patient and helpful and immensely skilled!


I’m still working on restocking Leighton House Handwarmer kits, putting together new butterfly kits and uploading pdf patterns to Etsy. Little Erik likes to make working quickly a challenge!



2 thoughts on “Fox and Owl kits restocked

  1. Lovely picture of Erik, Ella! Thanks for your blog. I have just finished my jumper. It looks like the picture. Just my face and figure aren’t quite up to the mark!!!!!! love to you all, Margaretxxx

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