Yarn review – Lyonesse from Blacker Yarns

The post arrives.

‘More yarn!’ my husband calls to me from downstairs.


‘From Launceston’.


Launceston is home to The Natural Fibre Company and Blacker Yarns. I’ve just finished using Blacker Swan for a new design and oh my goodness, it is a beautiful yarn! I can see why so many designers call it a favourite!

But this package was a new yarn sent for me to have a little play with and review. Reviewing new things is both exciting and scary! I love checking out the new things but reviewing is daunting because of course I want to love it -but what if I don’t?! I have to admit I did have a little moment of concern when I opened the postal bag and the tissue paper package inside was tied with a coarse yarn -but then I saw the helpful label, ‘seasonal string’. Phew! Maybe not great to knit with but gorgeous for adorning gifts. It comes in a range of colours and is also used as garden twine.



Inside the beautifully presented package was Lyonesse, a new linen blend that comes in DK or 4ply. Soft and smooth, of course I loved it!

I took the yarn out with me for a relaxing knit on the beach. It was a bright, beautiful day and the knitting looked so pretty against the sand! The range of colours perfectly suit summery knits, ideal for a linen blend. I love that Blacker Yarns include natural shades as well as the dyed shades.

yarn on the beach

I liked both sides of the knitting equally, knit and purl side. I think Lyonesse would work very well with textured stitches. As I knit I found myself wanting to design with the yarn. I have some ideas in mind. So perhaps for next summer…

In the meantime I’ve found some suggestions for patterns that are already available and might work well with Lyonesse. I did a search on Ravelry for designs that use in linen in 4-ply or DK. Here are some favourites of mine:

A lovely simple t-shirt Linum Tee by Briston Ivy

An adoarble little cardigan with some texture and colourwork Yarrow by Martin Storey

A beautiful shawl in two colours Sunburst by Rachel Henry

How about a dress! Which do you choose by Jill Stover


The yarn will be released on 1st May and will be £5.75 per ball. You can purchase colour cards now and read more about the yarn here.


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