Yarn Review – Cornish Tin from Blacker Yarns

Blacker’s new yarn, Cornish Tin, is a limited edition one-off 10th anniversary special and is selling out very, very quickly! Only some colours remain on their website but it may be possible to track down the other colours, which I believe will be at Yarndale this weekend.


I was lucky enough to be sent some samples to review and now, just days after it’s release, it’s almost sold out. I really should have written this blog post sooner! My obstacle, apart from being busy as always, was the wonderful fun of indecision! I wanted to swatch the yarn but I also wanted to make an actual Thing with it.

I was send three beautiful colours to play with.


I just couldn’t decide what to cast on or which colours to use.

The yarn is a blend of ten high quality British fibres, to celebrate Backer’s ten years. It’s 70% wool, 10% mohair and 20% Alpaca. It’s a warm and woolly blend but not the softest yarn (compared for example to Blacker Swan) so it’s perhaps best suited to head and hand accessories or garments rather than neck wear. Of course this depends on personal preference and individual skin sensitivity. Sonja and Sue from Blacker have designed some beautiful hat and mitten patterns that use the yarn and can be downloaded for free from the Blacker website.

I decided to swatch a triangle colourwork pattern using all three colours!


This is a tiny little swatch but you can see that the yarn is absolutely perfect for colourwork. I’m sure that it will block beautifully and look even better.

The yarn is lovely to knit with. It feels warm and rustic and cosy. Bizarrely I want to compare knitting with this yarn to a eating a homemade soup or stew in that it feels natural, wholesome and comforting, exactly what I crave at this time of year. And like a delicious hearty meal, it’s very moreish -I want to keep knitting and not put it down!

To read more and purchase the lovely Cornish Tin yarn visit the Blacker Yarns website here.


2 thoughts on “Yarn Review – Cornish Tin from Blacker Yarns

  1. That looks lovely, Ella. As you say just right for hats and hands. Lovely and warm also hard wearing ,too. I will phone you soon. I have a new laptop and a man is coming to set it up for me tomorrow evening so I will phone you after. love Margaretxxx

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