Dovestone Smallholding

Fancy Hen has some new friends!


My new collection, Dovestone Smallholding, was officially released yesterday. The patterns are available as an ebook on Ravelry, as individual patterns on Ravelry or as a printed book from baa ram ewe. The collection is all knit using baa ram ewe’s beautiful Titus DK yarn.


These knitted characters were so much fun to make! I fell in love with each one as I finished them, carefully picking out buttons for their eyes, lovingly sewing on ears or beaks – they began to feel like my babies! The samples lived on my desk for quite some time as I finished each one, adding all the final details.


Then they were all finished and packed off to baa ram ewe to go meet some knitters! The collection has toured knitting shops around the United States and is now settled in its home at baa ram ewe’s shop in Leeds. It’s been fun watching their adventures on Instagram.

I’d like to introduce each design in more depth, so every few days I’ll upload a blog post to tell you about one or more of the collection.


All photos of the finished samples are copyright baa ram ewe taken by the super talented Joelle.



2 thoughts on “Dovestone Smallholding

  1. I met the animals at baaramewe on Thursday and they are adorable. Having just finished your little fella pattern(but assembling him slowly and enjoying it), I appreciate how much attention to detail is in your pattern – the fairisle jumper with picked up stitches round the armhole, the turned back brim on the cap, the lapel on the jacket. Making a seamless man! Amazing. So, I am very much looking forward to making Lucy and at least one farmyard friend. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed making your Little Fella. Lucy is a similar construction so hopefully you’ll like her too! She’s not quite as fiddly as Little Fella but lots of detail still – and pretty much seamless too!

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