Plum Pudding Pig

Introducing Plum Pudding Pig


I love the name of this design. Plum Pudding Pig – I have a soft spot for alliteration and it sounds so adorable! I didn’t make it up, it’s another name for the Oxford Sandy and Black breed of pig. They have a predominately sandy coat with black blotches, reminiscent of the fruit in a plum pudding.

When baa ram ewe asked me about designing a toy collection using their Dovestone DK yarn I started researching all different breeds of farm animals. I was thinking about how to use the beautiful palette of Dovestone colours and how to incorporate knitted fabric characteristics.


The Oxford Sandy and Black immediately seemed to be perfect for designing a yellow pig with black colourwork motifs. In reality they tend to be more of a rusty colour – somewhat like the reddish sand where I live in Dawlish. We went to a local organic farm over the summer and you can see how closely the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs match the colour of the earth.


I felt a teeny bit smug on this outing, having just researched this breed of pig I was able to tell the children, ‘Oh yes, that’s the Oxford Sandy and Black, also known as the Plum Pudding Pig.’ I gave them little snippets of information like, ‘they’re ideal for keeping outdoors because their darker coats make them unlikely to get sunburnt.’ Actually that’s the only snippet of information – I don’t really know that much about them!

Our knitted Plum Pudding Pig is ideal to keep in any home! He’s cute and round and cuddly so I think he would make a comforting bedtime companion – he’d also be lovely sat on a sofa, as a cheerful friend to make you smile!

The design is a joy to knit with lovely Dovestone DK yarn. Cast on at the nose and knit from the head to the bottom in one piece with panels of colourwork knit between the shaping. Legs, ears and tail are all knit separately and sewn on at the end along with button eyes and embroidered nostrils. He’s got so much character and he knits up quick.

plum pudding pig

All photos of knitting and yarn are copyright baa ram ewe taken by Joelle.


2 thoughts on “Plum Pudding Pig

  1. WOW, love the colours of your wools and designs. The landscape inspires me also, Dartmoor. I wish

    I could get a web page up as I love to knit as well.

    I live in Exminster, not far away.
    I could review your wool patterns if need be ?

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