Introducing Lucy (and her Wardrobe!)


For me Lucy is the star of the Dovestone Smallholding collection! I had a very clear idea of how I wanted her to look and the way in which I wanted to construct her – I was delighted when both worked out how I imagined.

Lucy sketchesLucy is knit in a similar way as my Little Fella design, from the top of the head to the toes all in one piece with minimal finishing. She has a large round head for her happy features, knit in a circular shape so that it isn’t too heavy. Her shoulders and arms are formed with raglan increases so Lucy’s arms are slightly lifted and open – to me it looks like she’s inviting a hug! I’ve added a seam across the top of the legs so that she can sit easily for more play and display options.

Lucy’s wardrobe consists of her dress, cardigan and welly boots – her tights are already knit on. Initially I was thinking of designing her a striped or stranded colourwork dress but as the collection progressed I felt I’d like to add just a little bit of lace so she has a touch of feather and fan at the bottom of her dress.

I love the name Lucy for a doll. Growing up I had just one special doll and her name was Lucy.

Lucy on fence

It would be very easy to turn Lucy into a Harry (the name of my sister’s doll). Simply leave off the ponytails and keep the legs the same colour as the skin tone. He might need a different wardrobe but the welly boots would still suit him!

All photos of knitting are copyright baa ram ewe taken by Joelle.


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