Introducing Moggy the barn cat!


I do love cats, particularly lazy, gentle, friendly cats – like Moggy! For me the only draw back to cats is the wildlife they kill so I purposely designed Moggy to be a useless mouse catcher! Instead I see her as Lucy’s adoring companion on the smallholding.


When I’d decided that Moggy would feature cables I pictured exactly the kind of cable pattern that I would like to use. I finally came across a pattern called Four Rib Cable in a 1981 edition of Good House Keeping Encyclopaedia of Needlecraft. The open crisscrossing cable pattern looks just right flanked by the two small cables that lead down the legs.

Moggy’s head, which is knit separately and sewn on, is very similar to Lucy’s. The flat round surface is an ideal canvas for giving your kitty characterful features. I’ve sewn Moggy’s eyes on with the button holes placed vertically to give Moggy an authentic cat-eye look. Her long whiskers are stitched on using a single ply of Dovestone DK and her mouth has a hint of a smile!

Moggy takes just one skein of Dovestone DK – I’d love to knit a whole rainbow of kitties using all the beautiful colours in the Dovestone DK range!


All photos of knitting and yarn are copyright baa ram ewe taken by Joelle.


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