Shetland Pony

Introducing Shetland Pony


I felt that a pony was essential to this collection! I love ponies and the picture-perfect smallholding needs a pony for the resident girl to ride! This Shetland Pony is the perfect size for Lucy to ride on. He’s quite a substantial toy with a stocky-looking build.

Shetland pony is knit in a similar way to the birds and lamb, by casting on base stitches and working upwards from there. Ears and legs are knit and sewn on. Perhaps quite uniquely, Shetland pony also has a separately knit mane. The mane is knit using loop stitch. The length can be adjusted by how long you make the loops. I made mine quite long and even all over. For an extra pretty pony you could make the loops even longer at the back with a shorter fringe. Shetland pony’s tail is made as a tassel – but on my pony I kept the loops uncut, in keeping with the mane. It is possible to cut all of the loops for tail and mane.

PicMonkey Collage

The stranded colourwork on Shetland pony is kept quite simple, with colourwork legs and some detail across the nose.

As usual I’ve opted for button eyes and this time I chose a lovely brown button to give him a warm and friendly-looking finish.


All photos copyright baa ram ewe taken by Joelle


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