Hedgerow Playmat

Introducing Hedgerow Playmat

21234334932_63ee4defdc_oWhen I was designing the characters for the Dovestone Smallholding Collection I felt that I would like to design a blanket / playmat to set the scene. The Hedgerow Playmat is really practical and suits all ages. We have cables and colourwork for babies to explore. There are different sections – perfect for toddlers who might like to put a sheep in one field and pig in another. All enjoys could appreciate the blanket as a beautiful environment to display their collection of smallholding characters – and, as it’s a decent size, all ages can benefit from it’s warmth.

I love the green colour of the Dovestone DK, Chevin – a perfect balance of vibrancy and calm naturalness.

The Hedgerow playmat ties the collection together nicely as it features elements of the other designs – the same colourwork and cable patterns. However, it will still feel fresh and new knitting them in different colours and flat rather than in the round.


All photos copyright baa ram ewe taken by Joelle


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