Yarn Review – Tamar from Blacker Yarns

In my opinion Blacker Yarns keep going from strength to strength! Maybe I’m a teeny bit biased because they are so nice when they contact me and they do send me samples of beautiful yarn to review – but genuinely each time I am increasingly impressed with what they send me!

Blacker’s newest yarn, Tamar Lustre is spun using British rare breed fleeces. The composition is: 30% Wool – Cornish Mule, 18% Wool – Teeswater, 18% Wool – Wensleydale, 17% Wool – Leicester Longwool, 17% Wool – Cotswold.

I love woolly yarns and Blacker do them so well. I really like that they have natural undyed yarns in their colour choices.  The whole of the Tamar colour palette is just stunning!


I tend to prefer natural shades of greens, blues and pinks so these colours are absolutely right for me. In an ideal world there’d also be a strong red, a pumpkin/foxy orange and a couple of browns. But the colours that they do have are wonderful and they all work so well together.


I’ve only knit a very small swatch of colourwork. I knit a leaf and stem motif from my Flora Mitts design. Tamar is a lovely yarn to work with. It feels woolly and natural but luxurious too with a lovely sheen over the finished stitches – that must be the lusture quality from the longwool content.

I can see Tamar being a popular choice for a variety of uses as it has unique qualities from the different fleeces. My swatch is too small to tell but the blend is designed to have drape from the longwool breeds and bounce from the Cornish mule. Great for both garments and accessories. Sue and Sonja have designed some lovely patterns for Tamar.


Tamar in 4-ply would be perfect for a very classy pair of Flora Mitts – the colour range is ideal!


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