Sneak Peek and competition!

I’ve been so excited about the upcoming designs for my Colour and Line collection! It’s agonising trying to keep them under-wraps until they’re ready to be released – but it’s also part of the fun!

For extra fun I’ve devised a game that includes a sneak peek of the next design to be released!

Day 1

Can you guess the name of this design?

As with a game of hangman, those underscores each represent a letter. I’ll reveal a letter each day until the correct name is guessed. Please join in either here on my blog, on instagram, facebook, twitter or in my Ravelry group!

The winner can choose either a copy of the Colour and Line collection or any three single patterns from my Ravelry store.

Good luck!

We have a winner! The correct guess came from Eskimimi over on twitter.


My new design for the Colour and Line collection, Venn, will be released in just a few days.


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