Guess the name of our May design


The next pattern for the Colour and Line collection will be released very soon, so It’s time for another sneak peek and competition!

guess the name

Can you guess the name of this design?

Rules are the same as last time, when Venn was correctly guessed right away! This one should be slightly harder to guess, but as I reveal more letters it should get easier quite quickly (there’s a bit of clue there).

Please do join in either here on my blog, on instagram, facebook, twitter or in my Ravelry group!

The winner can choose either a copy of the Colour and Line collection or any three single patterns from my Ravelry store.

Good luck!

Day two!

We’ve had some brilliant name suggestions, some have been quite close to the inspiration for the name, but the actual pattern name hasn’t been guessed yet. Here’s a clue:

guess the name

We have a correct answer! greenrabbitdesigns guessed Essie over on instagram – congratulations!

guess the name

Well done to everyone who took part! There were some excellent guesses. The answer ‘Morse’ came up a lot and the name is inspired by Morse code. Three dots represent the letter ‘s’.

Essie will be available very soon!


8 thoughts on “Guess the name of our May design

    • Hi Jackie! A few people have guessed that it could be Morse! It’s a very good guess, but not quite the correct answer. It is a very hard one to get straight away but people are definitely thinking along the right track!

    • That’s a lovely name suggestion! The name for this design is one word and has five letters. I’ll reveal a letter each day until it’s been guessed.

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