conifer collage 3

Looking for baby cardigan that will suit every baby at any time of year?

Conifer is designed to be a go-to baby pattern for all precious little ones. Rather than being a quick-last minute knit, this one takes a little more time. It’s knit using 4ply yarn, mostly on 3mm needles, but I think it’s worth it for a light-weight cardigan that is ideal for any time of year. For me, this garment also ticks the boxes of being unisex yet interesting, and has the added bonus of minimal finishing! The cardigan is knit one piece from the top down. Sleeves are knit in the round and the button band is picked up along the edge.

Conifer is knit using Blacker Swan 4-ply – a beautiful soft yarn that is available in a lovely colour palette. The main colour for this sample is one of a choice of four undyed shades, Pale Maiden. (I love a range of undyed shades!) The second colour is a lovely soft olive green, Balsam Bog. I think that the colourwork section would look great in any colour – I can easily imagine the pattern in a warm orange or a rich blue.

Conifer is the fifth design from my Colour and Line collection. It’s the only baby item in the collection – perfect for all little Conners and Jennifers!

conifer collage 2

Tech editing and charts Jen and Jim A-C
Photography Emma Solley

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