I’m a big fan of knitted cushions. I absolutely love them as a way to display handknits for frequent admiration! Euclidean is sure to attract compliments. The tessellating triangle design reminds me of puzzles where you are challenged to calculate the total number of triangles, bearing in mind that the triangles together form larger triangles. The effect is calming and meditative, enhanced by the gentle palette of undyed natural yarn.

Euclidean is knit flat in three separate pieces and joined together to make a reversible cushion with a button band running along the back. This cushion would be a great introduction to colour work as the wrong-side rows match the preceding right-side row.

front and back

Euclidean is knit using Snældan 5-ply, a wonderful chunky, blend of Faroese and Falkland wool.

Snældan is available in a gorgeous range of natural, undyed colours as well as beautiful dyed colours. The cushion is knit using 4 skeins. The black and white colours use almost a full skein but the grey and brown use less than half a skein. This means that you only need a total of 6 skeins to knit a pair of cushions. Alternately you could choose a pair of dyed colours, which are sold in 50g skeins.

The Island Wool Company have very kindly offered a discount code to celebrate the release of Euclidean. Customers can enter the promotional code BOMBELLA10 to receive a 10% discount. This discount applies to the whole of your shopping cart, so it’s an ideal chance to also pick up some Navia Duo for Delta Mitts and Delta Hat!

If you get your order in very quickly it should be sent out soon but later orders will be shipped out in the middle of August. The code is valid until the end of August. Enjoy!

There are three more patterns still to come for the Colour and Line collection.
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the collection so far!


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