Herbaceous is the newest addition to the Colour and Line collection.


These simple socks feature a geometric flower-and-leaves colourwork design on the leg, a durable square heel and classic toe shaping.

The colourwork pattern on the socks was partly inspired by my Bunty Mitts design. I’ve used the same composition but with a very different-looking finished effect.


The symmetrical flowers-and-leaves pattern arranged in a staggered double layer looks all-together more abstract when made up of geometric chevrons and diamonds.

Ella 063

The colourwork design mostly uses only two colours at a time, but there are three rounds where all three colours are used. In this pattern tech editors Jen and Jim have included a great tip for knitting these rounds.

Jen also helped with the name for this pattern. When she suggested that the colourwork design reminds her of a herbaceous perennial I thought it would be lovely to evoke the idea of sweet smelling and hardy plants for a sock pattern!

Lang Jawoll

Herbaceous is knit in Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn, which is available in a fantastic range of colours. This yarn also comes with a reinforcement thread inside the ball. You take the thread out of the ball before starting to knit the sock and use it later on stranded with the main yarn for knitting the heel and toe. The reinforcement thread makes these areas extra durable. Such a great idea! And lots of fun!

Tech editing and charts Jen and Jim A-C
Photography Emma Solley


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