Vector is here! A warm and cosy graphic colourwork scarf, the penultimate pattern in my Colour and Line collection.


Vector is designed to appeal to everybody – it’s gender neutral and fits all sizes from child to adult. On an adult the scarf is just the right length to wrap around the neck and cover the chest. If required it would be very easy to add length by repeating your favourite panels of colourwork between extra plain sections, but you would probably need an extra skein of the main colour.

Worked in the round with easy-to-memorise repeats of colourwork, this scarf is my ideal relaxing knit! It’s the kind of project I would knit while watching something gripping on TV or take with me to knit groups.

Knitting inside out?!

There is one tip that I would like to share for knitting this project, and that is to knit the colourwork sections inside out. If you’ve never done that before it might sound complicated and probably like quite an odd idea! But it really helps to get the tension even, so that the stranded sections are no tighter than the plain sections.

To knit your colourwork inside out, simply push the knitting inside out so that the wrong side of the knitting is visible on the outside and the right side is inside. Your working needles will be at the back of the work instead of the front of the work, and you will still have a good view of the right side of the section that you are working on. There are lots of videos and tutorials available online if you’re new to this concept. It’s far simpler than it sounds and the difference it makes can be dramatic!

baa ram ewe Titus 4ply

Vector is knit using baa ram ewe Titus 4ply, a beautiful yarn that I have used quite often and always loved working with! It’s a natural yarn containing wool and alpacal for a soft and luxurious feel. Titus comes in a wonderful range of colours that are perfect for colourwork. I got very excited when baa ram ewe sent me mini skeins of the full range of colours!


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