The Making of Colour and Line

It’s a few months since I released the final Colour and Line design, completing the collection. So it feels like a good time to take a look back at the work I did. Working on the Colour and Line collection felt like a huge personal achievement to me. I was daunted by doing a collection on my own, being responsible for every aspect of a project that I wanted to really stand out among the many beautiful collections that we see in the knitting world!

It seemed to take the longest time to go from getting initial ideas and choosing yarns to actually swatching and getting the patterns together. Every step involved overcoming doubt. I was delighted when my first couple of yarn support requests were responded to positively. Blacker Yarns and The Island Wool Company were helpful (and patient!), which was really encouraging at this early stage. Fyberspates and Baa Ram Ewe were also fantastic with yarn support – they’re always lovely to work with!


As I saw the collection taking shape I knew I needed to think about calling in help. Firstly for tech editing, then later on for photography.

Jen and Jim A-C

For tech editing I had Jen A-C in mind. I’d met her before so I knew that she was lovely! And I had recently worked with her for the Fyberspates Vivacious Kids collection – I loved the way she worked – so thorough! Her pattern-writing style is clean and sharp. Just what I needed to feel confident that my design ideas would be translated well as knitting patterns. I was lucky to have both Jen and Jim working on my collection; on the pattern tech editing, charts and schematics as well as marketing advice and general supportiveness! They could not have been any more brilliant!



With Jen and Jim on board and the pattern designs progressing well, I knew that I had to invest in professional photography to do justice to the collection.

Emma Solley

After researching, pondering options and generally nervously procrastinating, I contacted a local photographer Emma Solley. I kept feeling drawn to her wonderful work (mainly wedding photography) on her website. I’m so glad she was happy to be involved! Emma helped with styling and props, even bringing her rocking chair from her home to the studio so that Euclidean cushion could be displayed perfectly! She was wonderful to work with – so reassuring – I was very nervous!


I am pleased to say that getting the right professional support made all the difference to my Colour and Line collection. It was well worth the investment to get everything right and I can now sell the collection in complete confidence and be proud of my work. Knowing all this, I’m going to be keen to do it all again in the future!

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