Here is Spruce, my new design in collaboration with Loop!

There were quite a few requests for an adult version of my Conifer baby cardigan. This design uses the same colourwork motif, but on a cardigan designed to flatter grown-up proportions. Spruce is knit in BC Garn Semilla Grosso to keep the colourwork band large and bold – it also has the benefit of knitting up fast! This cardigan will see you through transitional Spring-time, and I think it’s so easy-to-wear and comfortable that it’s bound to become a year-round favourite!

I love these photos by Kristen Perers for Loop. And the model, Lucy is absolutely wonderful!

All-in-all working with Loop has been a fantastic experience. Loop has a well-deserved respect in the knitting world. They have impeccable taste in yarn and patterns, and their shop is full of treasure! But more than that, Loop have been amoung the pioneers in making knitting luxurious, exciting, and cool – inspiring so many along the way! I’m extra sentimental about Loop as I’m sometimes homesick for Islington! I remember taking my Nan in when it first opened and her gasping at the prices. Quite different from the bargain acrylic we were used to – and so much more fun! Thank you Loop!

You can read more about Spruce over at the Loop Lounge – and Loop are running a pattern give-away from now until 27th March!

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