Party time at Pomfest 2017!

Pom Pom Quarterly is 5! I remember anticipating the first issue with excitement; it’s a knitting magazine and it’s cool! To celebrate Pom Pom held a party, Pomfest, last week and it was brilliant!

I did have an inkling that it would be a great event but it exceeded my expectations! I was kind of nervous about going because I was travelling with my newish Devon friends, meeting up with old Reading friends and anticipating saying hi to lots of people I’ve never met irl. How would my brain handle so many social interactions I thought! But my fears were unfounded and everything was lovely!

I traveled to London with Katie and we met up with Sonja on the Friday morning. On the way to the venue we bumped into Suzanne, my old Reading buddy, and Kate her Brighton buddy!

This photo was taken by Suzanne outside the venue.

When we got inside there lots to explore. The space was great, spread out over different ares. We had an open sitting/chilling area that had a PomPom display of magazines, samples, merchandise and, most exciting of all, samples from Bristol Ivy‘s upcoming book!

There was a marketplace that had a great variety of yarns and knitterly things as well as an auction of original Katie Green art!

My Leighton House Handwarmers design was being sold on Moel View Yarn‘s stand!

There was also a large room for the talks. I went to two of the talks, one from Bristol Ivy and one from Thea Colman – they were both inspiring and brilliant!

It was so lovely to see my old Reading outcast friends!

Nicky took this photo!

It was also great to meet up with knitting friends and colleagues that I’ve worked with and chatted to online. The lovely Jen was so incredible lovely! I felt a little shy saying hello to Woolly Wormhead because the amount of respect, affection and admiration I have for her is so much greater than the amount of actual interactions I’ve had with her – I guess that’s what we call ‘fan girling!’ By the time I said hello to Verity it was the Friday night Pomfest party and (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying) we’d both had a little bit of white wine – always helps with ease of social bonding!

So, what did I buy at Pomfest? With all the temptation on offer I actually bought very little indeed! I entered the marketplace thinking I’ll allow myself one skein of DK yarn and maybe some knitting needles. I only bought one skein of DK yarn! It came with a free pin badge and bag so I was very happy! I’m still looking out for the perfect knitting needle purchase – more research is needed I think. I also bought a copy of Lighter Than My Shadow from my wonderful friend and London party-time hostess, Katie Green. It is such a great book.

I believe that Katie of Inside Number 23 will be reviewing Lighter Than My Shadow soon. She was also at Pomfest and certainly came away with a lot more yarn than I did! I really enjoyed her podcast about the event.

It’s been a whole week since Pomfest but I still have a warm glow of post party contentment! I’m definitely up for the next one!

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