Miranda, Theodore and Zach

I have three new patterns to share; Miranda the elephant, Theodore the Lion and Zach the Crocodile!

Photographs Phil Wilkinson

All three are knit using Knoll Yarns Coast DK, a really lovely 55% lamswool and 45% cotton. Knoll Yarns were wonderful to work with and I love cotton mixes for a lovely matt finish.

As with most of my designs, I’ve tried to keep finishing to a minimum. They’re all knit in the round in only a few pieces (or just one piece in the case of Zach the crocodile!). Miranda and Theodore are cast on using a Turkish cast on. This is such a great cast on, so simple and effective, I can see myself using it a lot in the future!

The patterns are available individually or you can purchase the patterns altogether for a special price of £10!

Miranda the Elephant

Theodore the Lion

Zach the Crocodile

A Note on Pattern Pricing

You may have noticed that my three new designs are priced at £4.50 each, which is higher than my usual pattern prices. I feel that as an independent designer I have a responsibility to keep pattern prices competitive and accessible, but also to reflect the value of the designs and to try and help keep the handknit industry viable. I will be raising my other pattern prices in line at the end of this month. The wonderful designer Woolly Wormhead has written about her thoughts and experiences of pricing patterns on her blog here.

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