Yarn Review – Brushwork from Blacker Yarns

I don’t have a favourite yarn, and I never have really. However, Blacker’s new birthday yarn, Brushwork, is the about as close as it gets to a favourite yarn!

It was pretty much a love at first sight/squish – such a bouncy ball of wool!

I took the yarn with me to a day out at the beach and, as I knit, I was increasingly impressed!

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Blacker Brushwork on the beach – bliss! 😋

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The yarn was so much fun to knit with that I knit every last bit that I was sent. And what’s more, I’m going to have to buy some! I’m heartbroken that it’s a limited edition yarn, but it’s spurring me to get hold of some right away!

I just have to overcome the challenge of choosing colours!

You can read all about Blacker Brushwork on the Blacker website.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Review – Brushwork from Blacker Yarns

  1. Hi, I just downloaded your pattern for Theodore the Lion, on Ravelry. I made my payment with PayPal. All seemed to go well until I looked at my copy. The pictures came through beautifully, but the print is all garbled!! There’s no way I can make out the instructions! I don’t know what happened! Can you help me?

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